Sulphur Urea Fertilizer Bulk Wholesale from Manufacturer

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Sulphur Urea Fertilizer

Our company produces innovative and highly efficient fertilizer – granulated sulphur urea at the most competitive prices in the world market.

Several years ago, global market players successfully granulated urea and elemental sulphur. There was a unique granular fertilizer, sulphur urea, was obtained, which contains 30% urea and 70% elemental sulphur. Sulphur urea granules effectively dissolve in the soil, thus achieving a synergistic effect of soil enrichment with minerals.

Our company offers the supply of granulated sulphur urea with monthly volumes of up to 5000 tons. Packing form – big-bag 1 ton or paper bag 25 kg.

Sulfur Urea Fertilizer Application

Sulfur is a source of plant nutrition. Sulfur plays an important role in the formation of chlorophyll; therefore, plants that are deficient in sulfur have light green or yellow leaf color. Sulfur also plays an important role in protein metabolism, is part of proteins.

Soils of different types differ in sulfur content. A high content of sulfur is observed in peat soils, and on light soils her is often not enough. A large amount of the element is present in soils rich in humus.

Despite the large role of sulfur in the plant nutrition system, it, as one of the main elements, is not given special attention. This is due to the fact that mineral fertilizers produced by the chemical industry contain a significant amount of sulfur (as an accompanying element). The predominant amount of sulfur enters the soil with superphosphate, ammonium sulphate, potassium sulphate, and in addition - with precipitation.

Sulfur is used to restore (acidify) poor sandy and clayey soils in arid regions with low precipitation. In parallel with the restoration of soil by elemental sulfur, the required amount of nitrogen in urea is introduced. Urea contains significantly more nitrogen than her competitor ammonium nitrate.

Urea is universal for use on acidic and alkaline soils, but this cannot be said about ammonium nitrate, when added on upon which on acid soils, burning the roots of plants. Also when using ammonium nitrate overflow soil occurs with nitrates.