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Our company processes gaseous lump sulphur high purity – 99,98%.

Colloidal Fine Sulphur

The capabilities of our company for the supply of colloidal, finely dispersed sulphur of high purity for medical and cosmetic use are up to 30,000 tons per year. The form of packaging is discussed individually at the conclusion of the contract and can be variable from 100 grams to 5 kilograms.

Ground Sulphur

The possibility of supplying milled sulphur for industrial use amounts to 400,000 tons per year. Packaging – big-bag 1 ton or 25 kg paper bag.

Insoluble Sulphur

We launched the production of Polymer Insoluble Sulfur. The quality is higher than that of the well-known analogue. The sulfur content in our product is 97-98%. Low prices!

Ground Sulphur
Ground Sulphur
Insoluble Sulphur
Our sulphur has all the necessary certificates of quality and safety.
Certificate of conformity for ground sulphur
SGS Certificate

Sulfur Application

Sulfur is one of the most common minerals on earth, which is also a key element of the vital activity of living organisms. However, the range of sulfur used is so wide that her reserve is not enough in the world. Here are the major options for the industrial use of sulfur:

Sulfur used as a component of our high-performance fertilizers — Sulfur Bentonite Fertilizer and Sulfur Urea Fertilizer.

Also sulfur can be used as a fertilizer in agriculture in its pure form (ground sulfur).

Sulfur is used as filler in polymers and for vulcanization of rubber.

Sulfur is an effective cosmetological and disinfecting agent. Sulfur-based ointments are widely known in the world.

Sulfur is an essential trace element for each person. The daily consumption of sulfur for a person is on average from 2 to 5 grams per day.

Sulfur is used as a component of animal feed.

Sulfur in industry is widely used for the production of sulfuric acid, the manufacture of matches and explosives, in the manufacture of dyes.

Sulfur oxide, produced from sulfur, is used to preserve wines, as well as fruits and berries.

Sulfur is used for bitumen production, as well as high-quality sulfur asphalt and sulfur concrete.